Machine Maintenance and Servicing

Here at GetSno LLC, we pride ourselfs on providing the best quality service we can. We offer mechanical maintenance which includes going through the tracks, sprockets, wheels, drive shafts, u-joints, transfer cases, differentials, changing all the fluids & filters and much more. We also offer body work and paint service on your Tucker Sno-Cat to help keep it looking its best and to extend its life.

On a new Tucker Sno-Cat, we highly recommend bringing your machine back in after 1600 hours for a full service. Over time we have noticed that failures in the differentials, transfer case, and a few other major components are more likely to occur beyond the 1800 hour range.

After the initial service, and on any used Tucker Sno-Cat, we recommend a yearly service to help prevent costly failures from normal wear and tear. We offer a variety of service package options at a variety of prices. Here is an example of a U-joint we found on a typical yearly service. The snowmobile club in question had no idea that a failure was waiting to happen.

For any additional information, questions or to receive a quotation, feel free to give us a call, send us a fax or write us an email.