Multi-blade planers
A snowmobile trail groomer must do three things to effectively groom a snowmobile trail: cut the moguls; process the snow; and finally, compact the snow. And no trail groomer does this better than a Mogul Master Multi-Blade Planer. Just ask one thousand and ninety five Mogul Master owners across North America!

Cut the Moguls:

To simply take the top half of a Mogul and drop it into the valley of the next mogul is asking for a re-grooming job to happen ... very soon, and at a big cost. The Mogul Master's multiple, angled cutting blades are designed to easily remove moguls, right down to the bottom of the mogul, removing all "memory" of the moguls from the trail so your groomed trail stays groomed far longer.

The standard serrated cutting blades are very effective in those hard icy trail conditions. Blade support struts have been rotated 45 degrees to promote the free flow of snow through the drag.

Process the Snow:

Snow must be effectively "processed" by the trail groomer to ensure a smooth, flat, durable trail. To complete this processing, the snow that the groomer is working must: (a) be thoroughly mixed or blended, (b) have the sharp edges of the individual snow flakes broken down, (c) be de-aerated and (d) have its temperature raised ever so slightly due to the friction created by the groomer. The Mogul Master's multiple blade design processes snow like no other trail groomer can.

The heat treated cutting blades are adjustable and have a unique adjustment stop that keeps the blade in place when set. Spring tripping cutting blades are a must for early season grooming.

Compact the snow:

Once the moguls have been eliminated and the snow is processed, the trail groomer must compact the snow to a hard, quick setting finish. Regardless of the model of Mogul Master, the packing pan is designed with high compaction in mind.

Multiple, adjustable and replaceable skegs in the pan reduce side hill slippage on uneven terrain. The high, radiused lip on the rear of the pan "ramps" the drag up onto the snow when backing up. The hydraulic rear wheel assembly with high floatation tires provides plenty of height when needed.

Deep Snow Multi-Blade Planer:

The Mogul Master DS MBP is designed to allow very high quantities of snow to flow through the drag freely. Incorporating fewer blades than a standard Mogul Master MBP, yet very aggressive at cutting hard packed moguls when conditions demand, the DS is a must for those areas that experience high snow accumulations. And the DS will groom in wet snow at above freezing temperatures like no other trail groomer can.

Extremely rugged in design, all Mogul Masters are manufactured to exacting standards to provide years of trouble free service. Choose from a pintle hitch, extended reinforced pintle hitch, goose neck hitch or a hydraulic ramsteer hitch to maximize track vehicle performance.

Front "nose cones" are reinforced to cut through hard packed snow. Tree guards and shear pin hitches eliminate the "oops" when cornering.

All Mogul Masters incorporate a unique floating device on the hitch to reduce scalping when cresting a hill. The chain hooks on the hitch make the connection to the track vehicle a simple, one man job that takes only minutes.

Mogul Masters are available for all snow grooming vehicles from utility type snowmobiles to high horsepower industrial track vehicles. This photo details the 7 blade XLMBP 16 series drag, a lighter yet aggressive Mogul Master, used with track vehicles such as the Tucker 1000 and the Bombardier BR120.


MBP 18-08 3,260 lbs 17' 6" 8' 4" 11
MBP 18-09 3,400 lbs 17' 6" 9' 4" 11
MBP 18-10 3,600 lbs 17' 6" 10' 4" 11
MBP 18-12 3,850 lbs 18' 12' 11
DS MBP 18-09 3,060 lbs 17' 6" 9' 4" 6
DS MBP 18-10 3,260 lbs 17' 6" 10' 4" 6
DS MBP 18-12 3,460 lbs 18' 12' 6
XLMBP 16-07 2,330 lbs 15' 3" 7' 4" 7
XLMBP 16-08 2,460 lbs 15' 3" 8' 4" 7
XLMBP 16-09 2,580 lbs 15' 3" 9' 4" 7
XLMBP 16-10 2,710 lbs 15' 3" 10' 4" 7
ULMBP 14-06 1,450 lbs 12' 3" 6' 4" 4
ULMBP 14-07 1,575 lbs 15' 3" 7' 4" 4
ULMBP 14-08 1,700 lbs 15' 3" 8' 4" 4
ULMBP 8-04 360 lbs 8' 4' 3" 4
ULMBP 8-04 ST 419 lbs 8' 4' 3" 4
ULMBP 8-06 411 lbs 8' 5' 10.5" 5

Above weights are with standard hitch.

Above lengths do not include length of hitch or rear wheel assembly.

Specifications subject to change without notice.